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Since the lockdowns of 2020, more & more people are choosing to travel, and that includes Destination Weddings. Destination Weddings have been growing in popularity since the mid-2000s, and it doesn't look like this "trend" is going away any time soon.

The question for you may be . . . Where do we even begin with planning a Destination Wedding?

Great question! The short answer is . . .

You need to understand EXACTLY what you're looking for, know your budget (and an idea of your guests' budgets) and style preferences and finding the BEST help to streamline the process.

For details on exactly what that means & how to do it, I have three FREE resources for you . . .

#1 -Watch this recording from one of my agency's Destination Wedding Groups that I did last week with essential tips for planning a destination wedding.

#2 -Download the Destination Wedding Guide that my staff and I created just for you. There are checklists, fill-in-the-blank worksheets and some honeymoon itineraries after you special day (hint: you can travel after your Destination Wedding).

Inside our All-Inclusive Destination Wedding Masterclass, we help you get all of the details sorted out and a solid timeline for YOUR Destination Wedding . . .

Which brings us to . . . your 3rd FREE resouce!

#3 -Register for our special All-Inclusive Destination Wedding Masterclass (and invite your fiance!), where I walk you through your guide and answer any questions you have along the way. You'll gain insight on how Destination Weddings work AND feel 1,000 times more confident to plan your wedding!

At the end of the masterclass, you'll get a special invitation to work with us for your Destination Wedding and a chance to win a $250 prize!

We will be live-streaming this class three times over this summer, so you can pick dates & times that fit you and your fiance's schedules.

Grab Your Spot Now

Together, let's make your dream wedding a reality.

Love & Light,

Rachel Kaufman

P.S. Imagine yourself on your wedding day: a beautiful Caribbean backdrop, all of your loved ones . . . memories to last a lifetime. Knowing you made it happen, how happy would you be?

Your Shortcut to a Successful Destination Wedding:

1. Watch the Destination Wedding Tips video - watch now

2. Download your guide - download now

3. Register for our Masterclass - register now

4. At the end, sign up to work with Rachel as your Destination Wedding Advisor (you'll get a special invitation at the end of the class).