Fee Schedule

Hidden Gem Travel's agents may charge fees on top of your trip. These fees are incurred when extensive research and planning is involved, when a client decides to cancel a trip, or for other reasons. See Fee Schedule Below:

  • Airline Tickets: from $150.00 per traveler, per flight. Hidden Gem Travel recommends all clients book flights directly with the airline for the best service.
  • Vacation Research & Planning: from $150.00 per trip, depending upon complexity
  • Group Travel Planning: $500.00*
  • Destination Wedding Planning Services (to include full-service planning for your wedding and group travel management): $3,000.00*
  • Trip Cancellation: $100.00 per traveler on the trip
  • Trip Modification: $25.00 per traveler on the trip

*Group Travel Management & Destination Wedding Planning fees cover any trip modifications for your group. Guests in your group are responsible for any additional fees incurred on their individual trip.