Essential Packing List for Your Caribbean Honeymoon

Jul 05, 2024By Rachel Kaufman
Rachel Kaufman

Clothing Essentials

When packing for your Caribbean honeymoon, start with the basics. You will need lightweight, breathable clothing. Think cotton dresses, shorts, and t-shirts. The weather is usually warm and sunny, so pack accordingly.

Don't forget to bring a swimsuit or two. You will likely spend a lot of time on the beach or by the pool. A cover-up is also useful for walking to and from the water.

Evenings can be cooler, so pack a light sweater or jacket. Some restaurants may have dress codes, so consider bringing a nice outfit for a special dinner.

For any excursions or hikes, pack a pair of sturdy walking shoes. If you plan on dining at upscale restaurants, pack a pair of dress shoes as well.


Toiletries and Personal Care

Pack your usual toiletries, but remember that some items may be hard to find or expensive in the Caribbean. Bring enough sunscreen to last your trip. The sun can be intense, and you will need to reapply often. Check with your resort to see what toiletries are provided. If you're fine with general shampoo, conditioner & body wash, you can opt to not pack those items and use the ones provided by the resort to save room in your luggage.

Insect repellent is also important. Mosquitoes can be a problem, especially in the evenings. You can pack a small bottle of spray or bug repellant bracelets. Consider bringing after-sun lotion to soothe your skin after a day in the sun.

sunscreen beach


Don't forget your phone and charger. A portable charger can be very useful if you plan on being out all day. If you enjoy photography, bring a good camera to capture your memories.

Consider bringing a waterproof case for your phone. This can protect it from sand and water while you are at the beach. 

If you prefer digital entertainment, download some movies or shows to your tablet or phone before you leave.

A deck of cards or a travel game can be fun for evenings or rainy days.

travel gadgets


A small backpack or tote bag can be useful for day trips and excursions. I like to pack some electrolyte powders and mix those in the bottled water provided by the property to stay hydrated.

Consider packing a beach bag to carry your essentials to the shore. A hat and sunglasses are also must-haves for sun protection.

beach bag

ONE last tip . . . 

When you're packing, have a large totebag or backpack as your personal item for your flights. In those, pack your important items, like your passport, cash, credit cards, travel documents, etc. And be sure to also throw in a swimsuit, t-shirt or cover-up, and maybe 1 or 2 dinner outfits.

I do this for two main reasons:
1. If you arrive and your room isn't ready, porters will store your luggage. Keep your personal item with you and you can quickly change and start enjoying the resort's amenities right away.

2. If your checked bags are lost, and something happens with your carry-on lugguage (not common but could happen), you'll have a few items to wear for the rest of the day and possibly the next until your luggage is sorted out.

Happy Travels!