The most popular honeymoon destinations recommended by travel experts

Sep 08, 2023

The Most Popular Honeymoon Destinations Recommended by Travel Experts

Planning your dream honeymoon? Look no further! We have gathered a list of the most popular honeymoon destinations recommended by travel experts. Whether you prefer a romantic beach getaway or an adventurous escape, these destinations are sure to create unforgettable memories.

1. Bora Bora, French Polynesia

Known for its crystal-clear turquoise waters and overwater bungalows, Bora Bora is a paradise for honeymooners. Imagine waking up to stunning views of the lagoon and enjoying a private dinner on the beach. This idyllic destination offers a perfect blend of relaxation and adventure.

While Bora Bora is one of the few places in the world to boast overwater bungalows, please note, your stay will not be truly all-inclusive. You can opt for a "Full Board" which will includes 3 meals and most beverages daily. 

Traveling to Bora Bora will take about a full day, so plan to stay for around 6-7 nights to make up for it. You'll fly into Tahiti, so it's recommended to spend a day in Tahiti before checking into your overwater bungalow.

What we love: you can also take a small luxury cruise around all of French Polynesia! Some itineraries will also include stops at Fiji and/or the Cook Islands. This can be a great honeymoon (about 3 weeks is what you'll need) or a fantastic anniversary trip. The luxury cruise ships include all food, drink and excursions.

bora bora honeymoon

2. Santorini, Greece

With its iconic white-washed buildings and breathtaking sunsets, Santorini is a favorite among couples seeking a romantic getaway. Explore the charming streets of Oia, indulge in delicious Greek cuisine, and soak in the stunning views of the Aegean Sea.

Santorini can certianly be a spot if you want an exciting honeymoon. Many nightclubs in Fira are open until 2:30pm, and most restaurants are open until midnight, so lots of late-night fun to be had.

Speaking of restaurants: the island, while only 60 square miles, has 2000 food-related businesses. You're sure to never go hungry, or be bored in Santorini.

We recommend 7 nights for this honeymoon at a minimum, with 2 of those nights in Athens: One night your first day in Greece, and another the night before you fly back home. This way, you won't feel rushed to get to Santorini.

3. Bali, Indonesia

Bali offers a unique blend of natural beauty, rich culture, and luxurious resorts. From exploring lush rice terraces to relaxing on pristine beaches, this Indonesian paradise has something for every honeymooner. Don't miss the chance to experience a traditional Balinese spa treatment.

Like Bora Bora, it's hard to come by an all-inclusive stay in Bali. We recommend instead of only staying at a resort on the beach, add a little more culture and stay in Ubud further inland. You can enjoy touring the rice terraces by bicycle, visit temples and more.

bali honeymoon

4. Maldives

If you're looking for a secluded and luxurious honeymoon experience, the Maldives is the perfect choice. With its private villas surrounded by turquoise waters, you can relax and unwind in absolute tranquility. Snorkel with vibrant marine life or enjoy a romantic candlelit dinner on a private sandbank.

Each resort in the Maldives is occupied on a single island, so you won't have to worry about stumbling onto the wrong property while strolling the beach. Many of the islands have lagoons as well.

We like to add 1-2 nights in Dubai at least on the way to the Maldives. Oh, and your stay will always include a ride via seaplane to your resort island.

5. Amalfi Coast, Italy

The Amalfi Coast offers a picturesque setting with its colorful cliffside villages and breathtaking views of the Mediterranean Sea. Take a romantic boat ride along the coast, savor authentic Italian cuisine, and explore the charming town of Positano. This destination is a haven for food and wine lovers.

Similar to Santorini, you'll want to stay your first and last night in Rome, if that is where you're flying to to get to the Amalfi Coast. There are trains directly from Rome to Sorrento and you can go from there along the Amalfi Coast. 

Unlike Santorini, things quiet down in many of the towns. There is only one nightclub on the coast open until 1am, others close much earlier. Consider the Amalfi Coast if you are in the mood for strictly romance.

amalfi coast honeymoon

6. Hawaii, USA

Hawaii is a tropical paradise that offers a diverse range of activities and landscapes. From hiking through lush rainforests to relaxing on stunning beaches, you can create the perfect honeymoon itinerary. Don't miss the chance to witness a mesmerizing sunrise atop the Haleakala volcano.

We like island-hopping in Hawaii for honeymooners, with Kauai and Maui as our top picks for islands to visit. There are also cruise itineraries which visit the various Hawaiian islands, if you're pressed for time.

7. Seychelles

The Seychelles is a hidden gem in the Indian Ocean, known for its pristine beaches and lush tropical forests. This destination offers a tranquil and secluded environment, making it ideal for honeymooners seeking privacy. Explore the world-class diving sites or simply relax on the powdery white sand.

The Vallee de Mai is an amazing garden (Seychelles is known for its diverse flora and fauna), which is believed to be the Garden of Eden. The resorts do vary in style, though they are all luxurious, and you cannot beat the warm hospitality anywhere else in the world.

We recommend 2 weeks for a honeymoon in Seychelles for the best experience.

seychelles honeymoon

8. Paris, France

Known as the "City of Love," Paris has long been a popular choice for honeymooners. Stroll hand-in-hand along the Seine River, visit iconic landmarks like the Eiffel Tower and Notre-Dame Cathedral, and indulge in delicious French cuisine. This city exudes romance at every corner.

Paris is also a great jumping-off point if you would like to visit other countries in Europe. Most of our Parisian honeymooners opt to add on visits in Germany, Italy, Monaco and more.

These are just a few of the many incredible honeymoon destinations recommended by travel experts. Whether you choose a tropical island or a romantic European city, the key is to create memories that will last a lifetime. Schedule a call with one our experts to get started on your dream honeymoon. Happy honeymoon planning!